I am a South African born 3d Graphic Artist and Photographer. I live on the Isle of Lewis,Scotland out near the Callanish Standing stones. I own the ruin of a Blackhouse (traditional stone, thatched island home) next to the ancient standing stones at Callanish. Restoration plans are underway.

I have no formal training but a keen eye and a passion for learning in all my endeavors.

All my work is done in a digital format. I started with learning to build a webpage using basic html in 2001. Quickly my new learned skills took me to a fascination with graphic arts and 3d Poser work. In 2002 I moved with my family from Southern Ireland to the Isle of Lewis where I continued to learn from high end professionals but struggled to balance the need to learn with a busy family life.

Over time I transferred my skills to photography as well, constantly learning and improving. My work is unique, sometimes quirky and always of a high standard.

I am inspired by the beautiful country I live in, world travel, nature, history, archaeology, astronomy and just a little bit of magic.